Friday, July 11, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Tupac Shakur

Perhaps it is proper that Tupac Shakur was named after an Incan who was the leader of an uprising in Spain that led to the namesake's punishment by death. It was appropriate in that he too led a sort of revolution, although it was a musical revolution that saw him become the best selling rap artist of all time, a record which has not been yet bested to date despite his having been killed over twelve years ago.

Shakur was also the progenitor of the first double rap album, All Eyez on Me, though it was counted as two separate albums for all record keeping purposes. Incidentally, though he created and belonged to a group called "Thug Life" (which was an acronym that stood for something a little too vulgar for this family friendly blog) he understood the term "Thug" as someone who overcame difficulties in life and managed to do something positive. I guess that makes Koichi and I a couple of thugs.

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