Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Grow a Garden

The problem with the cost of food is that it seems to be going up in price and it doesn't match how our salaries go up every year. Even I, who buys wheatberries in bulk, noticed that berries that used to cost 35 cents per pound now cost 99 cents per pound. It still ends up being a lot cheaper than buying packaged food (another button for another day) but meanwhile, what to do about fresh vegetables? How about being like these wise people and starting a community garden?

Even if you don't start a community garden, a small garden in your own home or apartment (it is possible) will yield a lot of fresh delectable food that you know is free of pesticides and chemical treatment. The next time a commercial comes on to grow fresh tomatoes in your own home, I think you will know what to do.

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