Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Kelly Kapowski

I think if you were to have a marathon session of watching every single episode of Saved By The Bell (including the few episodes of The College Years that were made as well as the movies; yes, there was more than one movie made) you would probably have to say at the end that it was pretty obvious right from the start that eventually, Zack would end up marrying Kelly. How could it not be any more clear?

Sure, there are numerous moments of hesitation and doubt, such as when Kelly decides that she is going to break up with Zack to be with Jeff. Who couldn't have seen that eventually he was going to turn out to be a jerk? It's a bit like when a main character says at some point in a two part episode that they are going to move away: you know that somehow they will have to change their mind.

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