Friday, November 28, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Phil Lynott

He played Jail Break with Thin Lizzy - and a lot of other songs. Thin Lizzy lasted all the way up to the mid eighties, when he started another band called Grand Slam. He even had some measure of success as a solo artist.

To think that he could have gone to such great heights with the band had he not been involved in heavy taking of drugs and alcohol.

Phil was taken to the hospital the night of December 25, 1985 and subsequently passed away on January 4, 1986.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Vampire Bear Tzzzz

Tzzz! Tzzz! Tzz! The clashing clanging sound rings forth from the cymbals as Vampire Bear plays music with his friends. He is also pleased that the sound reminds him of one of his favorite letters in the course of teaching how to read the Hebrew Aleph Bet, which makes this most profoundly lovely sound. You can't have the word tzadik and tzedakah without this letter, after all. There are many other words that you can't have without the letter but you'll just have to go over to his lesson (when it goes up - maybe you should fire your producer, VB!) and see for yourself!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Retail Therapy

Retail therapy, they call it.

You'd think, given the economy of today, that people just wouldn't be able to afford it, and for some people it is the case. (Now is as good a time as any to remind you that you can have this or any of our other buttons for only a buck!)

The therapy, it is nice.

Plus, you get some pretty stuff afterwards.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Exterminate

They have menaced just about every single Doctor in the Doctor Who series and will probably continue to do so until the end of time.

Who are they? Well, they are the Daleks, of course. Their catch phrase was "Exterminate!" and if you look carefully at the button, it is actually in the shape of a Dalek.

You can wear this button to frighten all of your non-Doctor Who knowledgeable friends, or impress the friends that are fans.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Red Hare

This is quite an impressive horse, let me tell you.

How many horses do you know that are able to run two hundred and fifty miles during the course of one day?

Check out the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms for a proper account of this amazing horse, which belonged to Lü Bu and which eventually went to Guan Yu after Lü Bu was killed.

After Guan Yu was executed, dear Red Hare just plain refused to eat and died of starvation. That's how loyal he was to Guan Yu.

That was one special horse.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Inaugural 48 Hour Deal

For the foreseeable future, we are going to offer special deals that start on Friday and end the following Sunday at about midnight, eastern standard time. As this is the inaugural 48 hour deal (yes, I realize that Friday morning to Sunday at midnight is more than forty eight hours, but 'sixty-three hour deal' doesn't quite have the same sound to it, does it?) the format is fairly loose. Here's the deal. You tell us what four buttons you want, and it will cost you only $2 instead of $4. Sound good? Great! Let's get this thing started. Make sure you comment on which buttons you want somewhere in your order. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Vampire Bear Farm

Here at last you can see an overview of the farm where Vampire Bear, Shrimpy, and Goobie Bear live at least a few months during the year.

Looking over the farm, Vampire Bear is inclined to think of the Hebrew letter Feh in its final form - as in, the form of the letter that you only find when the letter is at the end of a word.

If you look carefully, you will see that the farm has a nice face layout to it. How cunning of the architect that designed it for VB!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Ramen Noodles

Today's button is a repeat thanks to my Sony laptop's graphic card spontaneously combusting. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

This is what I think people should anticipate after a long blustery day; it's a nice bowl of ramen noodles. Doesn't it look just divine? I can't think of a better way to end the day than with that delicious combination of noodles (spelt or otherwise) with a rich broth, a good combination of vegetables (don't forget the spring onions, please!) and just the right amount of meat, soy or real. I might just have to end this post a little early to make myself a bowl for lunch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daily One Inch Button Rerun - Mr. Rogers

Today's button is a repeat thanks to my Sony laptop's graphic card spontaneously combusting. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

When I was growing up, every day was a beautiful day in the neighborhood because I got to see Mr. Rogers. He would bring us into his home and show us all kinds of things that we may have never seen before. He was also great because he told us that we all have something special about us and that we shouldn't forget that. It made me so sad when I found out that he passed away, and watching this video made me cry just a bit.

I hope that when I have children some day, episodes of his show will be available on DVD or whatever we'll be using then (super-new-ray) to watch recorded material.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Gakutensoku

He was indeed a handsome robot. In some ways he was probably a strong inspiration for the creation of this Hello Kitty loving robot. Somehow, despite the fact that he was a fairly large robot (created in 1928) he managed to get misplaced in Germany in the early 1930s while on tour. (Has anyone seen him? I'm sure they'd love to get him back...)

A replica was created in 2008 with, well, a few enhancements. They couldn't help but make the enhancements based on the fact that robot technology has gotten considerably better in the last eighty years. I'm imagine the creator of the original would be quite happy with the new version.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Vampire Bear Puddle

It was a rainy day. As such, our darling little Vampire Bear was just casually walking home from the grocery store - no need to emit that C02, right? He thought he'd take a little short-cut home and look at what he found. It's a giant puddle right in the middle of the dirt road. What is he to do? The good news is that when he saw the puddle, he immediately thought of the Hebrew letter Peh - or Pay depending on how you want to transliterate it.

That's funny, because Vampire Bear has an excellent lesson on the letter Peh in his series, Learn to Read Hebrew with Vampire Bear.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Thank a Veteran Today

Whether or not you support any number of conflicts in which the United States is presently involved, you should take a minute today to properly thank a veteran.

Without the tireless work of the individuals serving the various branches of the United States military, the United States would undoubtedly not exist as it does today.

So take a minute out of your busy day and thank a veteran today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Yes We Can

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can elect a president that will bring real change to this country.

Whether we have elected him based on the principle of Barack Buyology or based on the ideals upon which our democracy was founded, or a mix of the two, we have elected him.

We know that Barack turned the world blue. The support of the world is with our president-elect.

Yes, we can.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Global Warming Bear


Just look at that bear. It looks like a bear that is suffering as a result of global warming - a global warming bear.

Is it a matter of the white house versus the white bear? I think that now that we will have President Obama in office, things will start looking a lot better for our friend the polar bear.

Aren't you glad you voted for him?


Friday, November 7, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - President Barack Obama

We did it.

After months and months and months of fighting, button after button after button after button (after button after button) and then some, we are here. Barack Obama is the president elect, and we couldn't be happier.

Wear this button with pride.

I know that I will.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Vampire Bear Timbeeeeeeeear

Timbeeeeeear! Vampire Bear cuts down only in an environmentally friendly manner, of course. He does need wood once in awhile for various farming needs, and what better way to get it than from your own sustainable growth selection?

Vampire Bear also loves cutting down the occasional tree because it reminds him of the Hebrew letter Tet, which has a nice solid T sound to it. He has a nice course going on, Learn How To Read Hebrew with Vampire Bear. If you want to learn how to read Hebrew, that is the place I think you should go. He might just set you up with a nice hand carved item out of appreciation!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - We Did It!

Pat yourselves on the back.
We did it.

Now it's time to get to work.

Let's get it started in here.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Proud to have Voted

Few words today but they are important. If you are an American Citizen and you are capable of doing so, get out there and vote today. Remember that only a few hundred votes made the difference in the last two elections and they might very well make the difference today. If you care at all about the direction this country is headed, please make sure you get out there and just vote. You have the right as a citizen of this country to vote and so you should absolutely make sure that you take advantage of your right. Don't let today pass you by without voting. Also, you get a free coffee and donut if you go to the right places - so get out there and vote!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Acoustic Kitty

This cat looks like he's a bit more confident and put together than the real original acoustic kitty, who was supposed to help the United States government spy on people suspected of dangerous activity. Does that sound like the atmosphere today? This took place in the early 1960s and resulted in one cat that got run over by a taxi cab.

If you're a music fan you can get into a band named after the acoustic kitty and an entire album named after the acoustic kitty. Here's a song from that album.