Monday, October 13, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Gyudon

Beef bowl. That's the literal translation, anyhow. This dish actually includes a good serving of rice as well as nicely simmered onion and the occasional shiritaki. Gyudon is so popular that it has restaurants that serve nothing but it, Yoshinoya being one of them. Actually, Yoshinoya is popular enough that there's even one of them on the New 42nd Street, not too far from Times Square. Check out this awesome commercial.

If you're a fan of Tommy Lee Jones you can see him at Yoshinoya in this commercial. Side note: the fear of mad cow disease, which halted the Japanese importation of beef in 2004 and again in early 2006, had a strong affect on gyudon sales; some places substituted pork for the beef and it had to be called butadon instead.

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