Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Buddy Holly

I honestly knew about Buddy Holly well before the song by Weezer was popular - I guess that dates me just a little bit. However, have you ever seen this video of Buddy Holly live with Peggy Sue?

Buddy Holly is an American icon even though he was most popular while alive for less than two years. He turned to rock and roll after seeing Elvis perform in 1955 and started playing with a band called The Crickets. When The Crickets were inadvertently booked at The Apollo Theater he slowly won over a black audience, a feat unheard of in those days of severe racial segregation.

Shortly after The Crickets split up, Buddy Holly began a tour that involved Ritchie Valens, the very tour which would be his last. Tragically, it was early on February 3, 1959, when the plane he was on crashed, taking his life. Who knows what amazing recordings he could have laid down had he not passed away at such a young age?

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