Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily One Inch Button Rerun: Raw Pink Sushi

Let's take a trip to a sushi restaurant, shall we? You're sitting in front of the conveyor belt, plate ready to receive your delicious sushi. You're not quite sure what you want to eat today but that's okay, because the conveyor belt has a plethora of goodies from which you can make your decision. All of a sudden, you see it: the raw pink shrimp sushi. It's almost as if it's just beaming up at you, wanting you to just snatch it up. All of a sudden, you see someone a little further down from you who looks like he may take it. You sneak a marble out of your pocket and throw it down on the floor where it makes a loud clatter, and by the time your competitor is done realizing what made the sound you already have the raw pink shrimp sushi on your plate. Good going, sneaky sushi loving warrior.

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