Monday, August 25, 2008

Daily One Inch Button Rerun - Maneki Neko - Beckoning Cat

Note: For the rest of the month of August, we are going to run classic buttons every weekday except for Thursdays. We are working on a new website that will allow you to see all of the buttons at once on a nice looking page. Whee!

According to some very interesting sites I have scrutinized, over sixty percent of Maneki Nekos have their left paw raised - the others have their right paw raised. Why does our maneki neko have its right paw raised? Why, indeed, is the cat's paw raised so high?

The reason he is raising his right paw is because by doing so, he attracts money and good fortune - who isn't into that? The height is all about distance - the higher the paw, the greater of a distance his magic will go; if, of course, you do believe in the powers of the maneki neko, that is.

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