Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Vampire Bear Newspaper

Keeping up with the news, are we? Our dear friend Vampire Bear loves to read the daily Hamodia with all of its tidbits about what is new in the world, the humorous photo section (not to be confused with the more serious photo section with various rabbis at diverse events) along with a great weekly magazine complete with new recipes to try out. This last year was particularly interesting as VB didn't really know that much about the Shemittah year and now he knows quite a lot thanks to the newspaper.

Newspaper has an 'n' sound and that reminds him of the letter 'nun', and I'm not referring to the people who dress in habits. You can learn all about the different letters of the Hebrew aleph bet, or at least how to read them, at Learn to Read Hebrew with Vampire Bear.

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