Monday, June 30, 2008

Daily One Inch Button - Old Style VCR

We, the people of the human race, were at one point in a way attached to these machines. At the same time, they were our liberators. No longer did we have to be in front of our television at a certain time on a certain day: as long as we had our VCR programmed correctly (assuming we could get that horrible blinking 12:00 to go away) and had a VHS tape (or BetaMax if you were cooler, I hear) in the machine and the tape wasn't full already, you could come home later and watch your recording of whatever you really wanted to see on PBS.

The death bell for the VCR started to sound when a certain machine called the TiVo(TM) made its appearance on the scene. Suddenly you no longer needed a tape. There was a lot less of an uncertainty. Still, considering that this is the kind of machine that my brother and I used to record the Fat video on MTV (am I dating myself? Yes, MTV actually used to play videos!) I think it still stands the test of awesome time.

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